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I’m about to introduce you to a powerhouse on 10 wheels. Meet one of the most street legal muscle machines in the industry today. 2,000 horsepower to the rears, tire smoking, asphalt eating Peterbilt...

This signature rig is a 2002 Peterbilt 379 conventional with an 18 speed transmission. 

The truck was purchased in 2008 from Jenkins Oil of Cedar City Utah. It was originally used to haul bulk oil. After it was purchased, it was rebuilt as a limousine! The fabrication of the truck was not ideal so its owner Jerad sent it back, The sleeper was put back on and it was repainted. Jerad then put a different motor in it, a C-16 Triple turbo Cat engine! The team also added a big boss turbo, cam shaft, injectors, water to air cooler, intercooler and huge a radiator and clutch. I had the honor of meeting the team of engineers and designers at the Mid America Truck Show in March of 2012, where the truck was on display. I witnessed them perform a power test that produced enough black smoke to make most diesel locomotives jealous. This Peterbilt is named “Black Magic” and with the amount of smoke pouring out of these 8” stacks, that’s all you see is black. The magic is how it disappears within the smoke afterwards.

When the smoke clears and the 2,000 horses are at rest, beneath it all is a beautiful black and green Peterbilt to be admired. The truck has a 63” bunk, 8” exhaust, 22” bumper, and a custom bow tie visor with full wrapped rear fenders. The 300” frame rails transforms all of that chrome and power into a masterful piece of art. The interior is just as impressive with custom Rockwood dash and custom wood flooring. The true fire graphics highlight the whole theme of the truck. From the hood to the back of the sleeper the frames simply attack the black background, hence forth making this not only an expression of power, but a full blown visual attack of fierce to the competition. 

As a finishing note on this beauty, if you ever get the chance to see this fire breathing, black smoke puffing dragon, do so. It’s a thrill that only some aircraft pilots or locomotive engineers experience. It reminds me of a scene out of Jurassic Park when the tyrannosaurus was coming back to its’ hunting ground, there was a glass of water on the dash in the jeep, and it started to shake. It was an impact trimmer! You get the same sensation when this black and green dragon exhales, creating a sun blocking experience! This is no dinosaur….but is truly a monster in the industry!


Kuenn McClinton, the creator of De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet who brought you some of the most realist replicas in the industry for the trucking industry. Now I would like to share some these rigs with you. As a lover of trucks, photography, and design. with all these credits, combined I have the gift of making the world smile.