Ultra Light Tarps

Ultra Light Tarps

Our NEW ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT TRUCK TARPS are 30-40% lighter than traditional 18 oz truck tarps.

    • We use high quality Tarpmaster 10 & 18 oz from Naizil
      • Canadian Made PVC Fabric • Waterproof • Highly abrasion resistant • Rot resistant • UV resistant • Oil resistant • Mildew resistant • Low temperature flexibility


Steel Tarps 4' Sides Light Weight


Flatbed Tarps 6' Sides Light Weight


Flatbed Tarps 8' Sides Light Weight


DropDeck Tarps 10' Sides Light Weight


        • 18 oz PVC assemblies: High-frequency heat-sealing welds
        • Stainless Steel # 3 Spur grommets every 24’’ centers with PVC reinforcements
        • Flaps are French stitched and made to last with high quality thread
        • Wide range of configurations and colors ready to ship anywhere in Canada





Flap Assemblies

All main flaps are open configuration reinforced with 15'' side integrated flaps for maximum strength and durability.


Choose your color

We offer a variety of variants in different colors. High quality 18 oz (7 colors to choose from) Tarpmaster fabric for the tops for maximum tarp protection with 10 oz Tarpmaster black fabricsides to reduce tarp weight.


Eyelet configurations

We only use # 3 Stainless Steel Eyelets centered 24'' apart with added reinforced layer of PVC. all rows of eyelets are distanced 24''


For custom orders call us at (450) 821-6090